TOA Ceiling Speaker Price in Pakistan

  • Ceiling speakers are generally used in order to preserve decoration of room and also to produce equivalent sound from your roof ceiling. Ceiling speaker function is same but it is erected or fixed in a ceiling. This is the best source of providing sound without any citing of any speaker in a room. Ceiling speaker are generally used in offices, shopping malls and corporate offices and their coverage angel is between 90 and 120 degrees. The shorter the distance between 2 speakers the better will be production of sound. For office premises of 20 x 20 meters with background music requirement 8-10 ceiling speaker would be sufficient depending upon the height of ceiling.

    TOA Ceiling speaker are available in simple speakers, two way ceiling speaker including tutors, fire proof ceiling speakers, frameless ceiling speakers, surface mount ceiling speakers, ceiling speaker with back box, pendant mount ceiling speakers, Projection ceiling speaker and ceiling speaker with woofers.

    For general purposes TOA PC series ceiling has huge variety. In 6 watt TOA PC-648R 5 inches and PC-658R has best price in Pakistan, back boxes are also available for TOA PC-648R and PC-658R. PC series produce crisp and clear sound in paging and announcement application of all types.

    In frameless, TOA PC-1860 has best price in Pakistan. For surface mount PC-2668 has best price and it is meant for places where there is no ceiling. For two way and anti-feedback sound TOA 6 watt F-2352SC has best price in Pakistan, F-2352SC is best for use in conference room and meeting room where there is a need to control feedback from conference microphones.

    For places where there are ceiling with height of more than 15 feet’s and there is a need to cover large area with fewer speaker TOA 15 Watt PC-2852 speaker has best price in Pakistan, it requires hole of 12 inches in ceiling.  For high performance in auditoriums and shopping malls with huge areas to cover and having long height TOA professional 30 Watt F-2352C has best performance and price in Pakistan. In sensitive sites having requirement of fire proofing TOA 6 Watt PC-1860-BS has feature of fire dome which can secure speaker from fire. For areas like shopping malls with high roof without ceiling and there is a need to disseminate sound in a 360 degree angle, TOA 30 watt pendant mount PE-304 has best price in Pakistan. The TOA PE-304 has 5 meters long wire by which speaker can be hanged down to the area of sound production.

    OM Production is authorized partner of TOA in Pakistan and provides best solution of ceiling speakers in Pakistan.