TOA F-2000WT 60 watt speaker price in Pakistan

TOA Column Speakers Price In Pakistan


    TOA Corporation Japan provides a huge variety of Commercial and professional Speakers in Pakistan which include TOA column speaker, TOA Box speaker, TOA Line array speakers. TOA speakers in Pakistan have a history to remain active for 25 years after its year of deployment. TOA Speakers are the other name of quality that is assured through TOA Speakers planning and design that is carried in Japan. All speakers are designed and manufactured in accordance to customer needs and in compliance with ISO9001:14001 standards.

    For application of background music and announcement at places like masjids, retails stores, corporate buildings and allied indoor environment TOA BS Series BS-633A 6 Watt, BS-1034 10 Watt and BS-1030 30 watt Box speaker has best price in Pakistan. For announcement in indoor crowded areas TZ Series TZ-206 20 watt columns speaker has best performance and price in Pakistan. For application like seminar rooms TOA Columns speaker TZ-406 has best price in Pakistan.  In huge auditoriums with high roofs 60 watt TOA TZ-S60W and TOA TZ-606 has best price in Pakistan.

    For areas like display centers and retail store where there is a need to produce good base and surround sound, TOA F-series provides best selection. Its 30 watt speaker TOA F-1300WT and 60 watt speaker F-2000WT has built-in small woofer in it and has best price in Pakistan.

    TOA speaker are designed for corporate, Public and educational institutes. It provides Speech intelligibility and background music production at Stronger output levels over longer distances & reduced vulnerability to feedback. TOA speakers are equipped with Consistent tonal balance throughout the audience with rugged design for years of use & outstanding customer support.

    We at OM Production provide TOA Speaker price list in Pakistan so our customers would be able to make selection of speakers according to their application needs.