Wireless Microphone Price in Pakistan

  • Wireless microphone or cordless microphone connects with the amplifier without use of any physical cable and send the audio signal to the speakers connecting the amplifier. It is commonly called UHF wireless microphone or wireless mic or cordless mic in Pakistan, it has radio transmitter powered with the small cells or batteries which transmit the UHF wireless audio signals to receiver unit. The UHF Wireless receiver unit is powered by electricity and connected with amplifier with auxiliary cables. In case of UHF handheld wireless microphone the transmitter is contained in handheld microphone and in wireless collar or wireless headgear microphone transmitter it is contained in small body pack which can be kept in pocket or can be clipped with belt. The small body pack is then connected through wire with collar or lavaliere and headgear or headset microphone. UHF Wireless microphones or mic are widely used in Pakistani educational institutes, auditoriums, stage performances and public speaking to permit speakers, performers and entertainer to move freely while speaking.

    UHF wireless frequency band use small antenna which obstruct the irrelevant frequencies. UHF Wireless microphones with fixed frequencies have cheap prices in Pakistan while receiver with an option to select multiple frequencies has high end prices in Pakistan.  In UHF wireless microphone FM modulation is used however few technologies use digital modulation to prevent unauthorized frequencies, their operation is in 900 MHz, 2.4GHz or 6GHz. Current latest technology wireless microphone system receivers comes with antenna which helps to prevent interruption in transmission between receiver and transmitter.

    Microphones Brands in Pakistan


    AKG Acoustic Wireless Microphones


    Sennheiser Wireless Microphones


    Shure Wireless Microphones

    Audio technica

    Audio Technica Wireless Microphones


    Behringer Wireless Microphones

    Electro Voice

    Electro Voice Wireless Microphones


    Bosch Wireless Microphones


    Sony Wireless Microphones


    Samson Wireless Microphones


    TOA Wireless Microphones

    ITC Audio

    ITC Audio Wireless Microphones


    HTDZ Wireless Microphones

    HTDZ wireless microphones system has made significant advancement in dealing with the possible interruption in transmission signal during speech. In order to increase the limit of wireless microphone operation at a time, HTDZ wireless microphone system has offered microphones which can operate with more than 100 bandwidth frequencies.

    HTDZ offers many types of receivers including true diversity receivers having two radio modules along with antennas.  The second receiver is diversity receiver which has one radio and two antennas and sometime second antenna is not as much as visible in these receivers.

    2 Channel Wireless microphone system Price

    In 2 channel wireless microphone system, HTDZ offer prices of 2 channel receivers with 3 options:

    ➤ 2 wireless handheld microphones price in Pakistan.

    ➤ 2 wireless collar microphones price in Pakistan.

    ➤ 1 wireless collar and 1 wireless handheld microphone price in Pakistan.

    4 Channel wireless microphone system price

    In 4 channel wireless microphone system, HTDZ offers price of 4 channel receiver with 4 options:

    ➤ 4 wireless handheld microphone price in Pakistan.

    ➤ 4 wireless collar microphone price in Pakistan.

    ➤ 4 wireless desktop gooseneck microphone price in Pakistan.

    ➤ 2 wireless handheld and 2 collar microphone price in Pakistan.